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How To Help Others Help Themselves

Help Others


Active young adults, both male (50 percent) and female (50 percent), aged at least 25 years of age and of maximum 45 years of age, who are living in RELATIVE POVERTY. They are young adults who are no longer in formal schooling; are responsible for households/homesteads and have dependants.

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The Government Minister Says Great Work!

Hon. Rebecca Otengo – Minister of State for Northern Uganda – paid a visit to a project that was implemented by CPAR Uganda in Agago. The Project: “Improving Food Security and Agricultural Livelihoods of War Affected Communities” was supported under the Government of Uganda’s Agricultural Livelihoods Recovery Programme (ALREP) that was funded by the European Commission through United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (UNFAO).The Minister visited the project with a delegation which was composed of the Minister, local government officials from various districts and other civil society organisations. The visit was hosted by farmers who were members of Farmer Field School (FFS) groups which benefited from the project.

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Celebrating Powerful CPAR Uganda Women – Norah Owaraga

Norah Owaraga since April 2012 is the Managing Director of CPAR Uganda. She has over 22 years work experience in the development arena providing distinguished services as a senior development manager who through her work has positively contributed to empowering, through training, active poor rural Ugandans to improve their standards of living.  She is an expert and has consulted with government departments, development organisations and business, providing her expertise on wealth creation, poverty reduction and on human centered policy development and implementation.She is the proprietor of Alinga Farms, a social enterprise which she established to advantage poor active farmers in her home district of Pallisa in eastern Uganda www.facebook.com/alingafarms.

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Celebrating Powerful CPAR Uganda Women – Dr. Rita Laker-Ojok

 Dr. Rita Laker-Ojok is a founding member of CPAR Uganda Ltd and is the current Chair of the Board of Directors of CPAR Uganda. She is currently presiding over a male dominated Board of five, of which she is the only woman.While it is not by design that the CPAR Uganda Board is male dominated it is worth celebrating Rita’s leadership of it.

The CPAR Uganda Board of Directors (2015) are: Dr. Rita Laker-Ojok (PhD); Mr. Alex Bwangamoi Okello (MBA) who is currently the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Works and Transport of the Republic of Uganda; Prof. Dr. Christopher Garimoi Orach (PhD) who is currently the Deputy Dean of the School of Public Health of Makerere University Kampala; Hon. John Baptist Okello-Okello (FCCA) who is currently the District Chairman of Dokolo District Local Government of the Republic of Uganda: and Mr. Max Alfred Anyuru (MA), a social sector specialist with over 20 years of experience, most an independent consultant for development agencies large and small.

 Dr. Rita Laker-Ojok is also currently the Chief of Party of the USAID Feed the Future AGRICULTURAL INPUTS Activity. Until October 2014, she was the Executive Director of AT-Uganda Ltd, a non-governmental organisation, which under her leadership excelled in the provision of agricultural extension services, agro-processing promotion, agro-input distribution facilitation, collective marketing linkages and business development services to some of the poorest and most remote districts in Uganda.

Celebrating Powerful Cpar Uganda Women – Judy Adoko

 Judy Adoko is one of the founding members of CPAR Uganda. She is also a founder member of the non-governmental organization (NGO) Land and Equity Movement in Uganda (LEMU), which was founded in 2003; and she is currently the Executive Director of LEMU.

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A Tribute To Professor Fred Opio Ekong (Deceased April 2014)

Our dear beloved Prof. Fred Opio Ekong, Founder Member of CPAR Uganda and Vice Chair of the CPAR Uganda Board of Directors, may your soul rest in eternal peace, we pray.

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Mr. Max Alfred Anyuru is Now a Member of CPAR Uganda Board of Directors

CPAR Uganda is delighted to officially welcome Mr. Max Alfred Anyuru who, as of September 2014, has agreed to serve as a Member on its Board of Directors. Anyuru holds a Masters of Art Degree in social sector planning and management. He is a social sector specialist with over 20 years of experience. He has expertise in programme development, management, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. He has in the past worked as an employee of several development agencies, but since over 12 years ago he is an independent consultant. He has consulted with United Nations agencies, multilateral and bilateral agencies, governments, and civil society organizations. His expertise is diverse and he has consulted on wide ranging programmes, including those related to livelihoods, post-conflict recovery, education, disaster risk reduction and early warning, and governance. He has conducted research, reviews, evaluations, capacity building, and advocacy.

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Facilitating Food Sovereignty And Food Security

Food Security

Cassava is a major staple of the Lango people of Northern Uganda and thus of members of Kony Wa Women’s Farmer Field School (FFS). For years members of the FFS, just like other community members in Alebtong District, had been growing poor performing cassava varieties largely due to the high prevalence of Cassava Brown Streak and the Cassava Mossaic Virus diseases.  After joining the Farmers First (FF) Programme, the FFS in 2012 received from CPAR Uganda training on cassava agronomy and cassava cuttings of variety MM/96/4271 variety (NASE 14) for multiplication. This variety is resistant to brown streak virus and cassava mosaic virus which greatly impair yields of all other available cultivars in Lango. This variety is also high yielding and quick maturing with farmers testifying that tubers are ready for eating within a period of only nine months from planting.

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Used Computers on Sale

Computers on SaleCPAR Uganda is selling an assortment (over 20 sets) of its used computers and computer accessories. Most are still in good working condition.

Please note that the computers are being sold without hard disks.

The computers on sale are located at CPAR Uganda’s Lira offices at Plot 5, Makerere Road, Lira Town Council, right opposite the Lira District Local Government offices and Lira Hotel.

For viewing and for more information, please email our Administrative Assistant Officer on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone +256 772 871 480.

Office Space for Rent

Office Space for Rent

Office space is available for rent at CPAR Uganda’s Lira Base Camp – two spacious buildings on spacious grounds – ideally located at Plot 5 Makerere Road, Lira Town Council, right opposite Lira District Local Government Headquarters; opposite the Lira Hotel; and neighbouring Lira Golf Course.

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